You will find the three words above (Fun, Safety, Knowledge) permeate the text in every GWRRA document as well as our web site.  The reason is this is our Motto.  When riding a motorcycle, safety and knowledge add to the fun..

The chapter educator has the following videos available for checkout. Please contact the Chapter Educator to check out any of the following instructional video.





 GL 1500 Maintenance
GL 1800 Maintenance
 Trailering CD & VHS
Turing and Breaking
 Co-Rider CD & VHS
Slow Speed Cycling
 Ride Like a Pro
Surviving the Mean Streets

DVD Maintenance Videos for GL 1800

Intro GL 1800 Maintenance.
Tools and jacking, 
Front wheel/break remove, 
Front break pad replace

Disk 1

Total fork rebuild.  
Anti dive operation.
Frame inspection.
Headlamp R&R/bloopers

Disk 14

Front wheel/break install. 
Top shelter removal 

Disk 2

Fork Oil change.
Coolant change

Disk 9

Air filter remove.
Gas tank removal.
Rear shock removal.
Pre �Load adjuster service

Disk 3

2006 GL1800 update.
Break rotor deglazing.
Rear break pad replacement.
Reverse wire problem

Disk 15

Rear spring replace.
Rear shock install.
Air box R&R/air filter install.
Gas tank install

Disk 4

2006 GL 1800 update.
Rear caliper Remove/Replace.
Switch repair � Cruise control.
Noise fix � sample: riding travels #1 & #2

Disk 16

Cruise Control adjust.
Fork Removal.
Roller bearing install (Part 1)

Disk 5

 Lower Cowl R&R.
Clutch fluid change.
Valve clearance (part 1)

Disk 10

Roller bearing install (part 2).
Wheel bearing R&R

Disk 6

 Valve clearance (part 2) (Right head).
Trunk latch R&R

Disk 11

Top shelter install.
Windshield R&R.
Cruise control adjust cheat.
Smartire tire sensor system

Disk 7

Stem bearing adjust.
Break fluid change 

Disk 13

Rear tire change.
Front tire change

Disk 8  Valve shim swap Disk 12

Helpful Rider information and update form

As with any orgnization we have a number of forms to be completed.  Below is  a list of some of the forms.  All the forms can be found on the internet at the Natonal GWRRA web site.  Please Click HERE to vist the national web site for the latest form. Below is a list that will most effect your membership.

N 7 Rider Levels Complete this form to advance from Level 1 through Level 3. Once you have filled in the form please send it to the Chapter O Educator. 
N 9 Master Rider Form This form is completed to apply for Master Rider Level 4. Please complete and delvier to the Chapter O Educator.
N.10 REP Levels Form
This form is used to update information about your rider levels.  Please complete and deliver to the Chapter O Educator.
Rider Education Hand Book
This hand book has more information than you can immagine regarding Rider Education and information about the GWRRA orgnization.
Proper Riding Gear
If you have ever wondered what proper riding gear is, please read the information on the Texas district web site.
TCLOCS Check List
This form will help you be ready to ride. This form is on the national page or you can just click on the URL to the left.  Print this out and check it every time before you ride.

Helpful Videos
The following videos are found on the web that may help you with the topics mentioned. Use your back arrow to return to this web page.

Riding in a group 10 Minute Video about group riding - TCLOCK bike checkout - Hand signals
Picking up a small bike 5 Minute Video on a guy or girl picking up a smaller bike.
Picking up a big bike 2 Minute Video on how to pick up a larger cruser bike

The following is an overview of the four levels in the Rider Education Program (REP) and how to qualify for each level. For a more complete understanding of the requirements for qualification at each level, contact your local  Chapter Educator.  

Level I: Safety by Commitment - The first big step to success

Safety is a state of mind, which can only be attained through total commitment. Every successful accomplishment began with a commitment to reach the intended objective and a promise to learn for the sake of you, your Co-Rider, your friends and family and others on the road.

Level I is perhaps the most important part of the REP structure. Regardless of your training and skill level, it is basically worthless if you are not committed to utilize your training and skill to their fullest. This commitment not only affects you and your Co-Rider but others on the road. You will be registered with the GWRRA across the country and your promise never has to be renewed as it truly is a commitment for life.  Chapter O automatically applies for Level I for our new members.

Level II: Safety by Education

GWRRA has chosen several educational training programs for the Riders and Co-Riders such as the MSF (Motorcycle Safety Foundation) programs, the United Sidecar Association course, the CSC (Canadian Safety Council) programs, and the GWRRA's riding courses and parking lot programs.

Motorcycle education goes "Hand in Hand" with commitment, and the "On Bike" education by MSF, USCA, CSC and GWRRA for the Rider and Co-Rider and the "off bike" education specifically for the Co-Rider provides a very effective approach to Motorcycle safety. This is truly when a Rider begins to understand what his or her Level I commitment means and sees the value in the program

Level III: Safety by Preparedness

The Level III of the Rider Education Program was developed to deal with such circumstances by recognizing and encouraging proper First Aid or CPR training. CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation), a level III requirement has been used to save many lives. Being trained to render CPR or give First Aid is a tremendous asset.

Level IV: Master Tour Rider

Level IV of the REP was designed for those special individuals who desire to "be all they can be" with regards to motorcycle safety. The requirements are more stringent than Level III and require a greater commitment on your part. These Riders and Co-Riders are caring, trained and prepared with the experience to back them up. We realize Level IV is not for everyone, but for those who desire to be of greater service to their fellow man. It is the correct prescription. Why desire to be a Level IV? It's a worthy goal. Being prepared to save a life is a high calling indeed! You are shining examples to the rest of our membership. Others aspire to practice the same commitment as you have displayed. For that reason, because you are our ambassadors to the members at all levels, we provide a special gathering to celebrate your commitment each year at WingDing.