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The following is a list of rides some of our members found fun. Please feel free to use these short trips to enjoy riding in the hill country. If you would like to submit a ride please send some brief information to the web master.  You may get a calll to help him make out the map. Please be aware in the hill country there are a number of low water crossings that may effect some of these rides.  Please use caution.
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Time &
Brief Description of the ride
Oak Hill to

1.5 Hours
75 Miles

Ride starts at Oak Hill going North on Hwy 71. Some back roads will get you to Marble Falls. From Marble Falls go north on Hwy 281 and take Park Rd 4 to a picnic area stop on the left just past Longhorn Caverns.  Don't forget to take a look at the Castle on the right.  Continue on Park rd 4 toward Inks lake. Deer are in abundance in this area, please keep your eyes open.  When you reach Hwy 29 Go right or east to Burnet.  Stop at the Highlander for lunch.  If you have not visited Longhorn Caverns you should stop there (expecially if it is a hot day)
Oak Hill to Fredericksburg
3 Hours
104 Miles

The Ride starts at Oak Hill and takes you on scenic roads to Fredericksburg.  This is a great ride in the spring when the blue bonnets are in blume (See some pictures of the Blue Bonnet Rally).  You will travel mostly back roads and some are open range, so look out for those cows. Stop in Willow City for a cold drink and then on to Enchanted Rock SP.  When you get to Fredericksburg stop in one of a dozen places to have lunch.  It is hard to find a bad restaurant here.
Fredericksburg to Oak Hill
2 Hours
90 Miles

Leaving Fredericksburg you will travel through Lukenbach (and you should make a stop there).  Then you will be off to Blanco and if you are hungry stop at the Sunrise Restaurant on the south of the square.  Proceed to Wimberly and cool you heals there.  Do not let the shoppers loose or you will have a long stay.  Leaving Winberly you will take more back roads through Driftwood.  If you are not full stop at the famous Saltlick BBQ a mile out of Driftwood on the north side of 1826 (if you get to the cutoff for Buda you have gone too far).
Painted Chruches
4 Hours
100 Mi
This is a ride that is planned for visiting 6 of the painted churches to the east and south of Austin.  The painted churches were built in the late 1800 and early 1900 by mostly German immigrants.  They are an amazing display of the culture of these immigrants and a sight to be seen.  If you take the ride from Paige to Shiner then let me suggest you stop for lunch at Werners Steak House in Shiner.  The document was put together by Tom Sprague and is a complation of web info and pictures taken Jan 2011.