The below information is provided on our web as a link to some favorite sites our chapter visits.  These links are added in an effort to provide Information to our Visitors, and we hope they are useful to you.


    1 If you would like to add a site you feel is useful please click on the link to the right.  This will create an Email to the webmaster who will then review the site and add it to the below list. Email  Webmaster
    2 Information about change the tail lights on your 1800 Gold Wing is no longer available on the web

    Some of our chapter members have found this an excellent source for riding apparel.  It seems this is a discount house that markets last years items at a great discount. 

    New Enough

    4 If you have ever wondered how to find great roads to ride, just take a look at this web page.  It is a great place to find local or long distant ride info Bike Roads USA
    5 If you purchased a 1800 without the CB installed this is a great site (with Pictures) showing the the process for the installation. pbase web page
    6 This is a great page that will give you a number of tips on caring for your Gold Wing.  It is sponsored by Steve Saunders.  I suggest you read the introduction.  As it indicates: Tips page are given freely and with the best of intentions, in the true spirit of the Internet. If you have doubts or problems carrying out a task then go and pay a professional to do the job because I or my contributors won't be held liable for any errors, damage or loss to life, wallet, limb or property. Goldwing Tips
    7 This link will instruct you on how to set the Navigation system on your 1800 to adjust for Day light Savings time. Navigation  Time adjustment
    8 If you trailer your 1500 or 1800 this web page is very helpful in showing you a very good way to attach the tie downs to make sure the bike is secure and safe. Tulsa Enterprises
    9 Have you ever wondered how to properly wire the connections to a trailer.  This web link will let you know wiring from a 4 connector to a 7 connector trailer. Most Gold Wings use either a 5 or 6 connector.
    Trailer Wiring

    10 If you have an 1800 Gold Wing you have to see this video on how to change your back tire.  You can do it anywhere, If you have a flat on the side of the road it is so easy to take off the tire you will not believe this. The video will down load to your computer and open in Windows Media Player Changing your 1800 rear tire
    11 The link to this web page will help you make your CB work better.  If you have (or know someone that has) an SWR (Standing Wave Ratio) meter you can verify your Gold Wing CB (or any CB) transmit at full power Setting the SWR on a CB
    12 Link to this UTube video to learn how to replace the low beam headlight in your GL1800.  It is really simple to do and only takes a few minutes Low Beam Replacement
    13 Do you understand what is ment by Rake on a trike and what it means for the ease and handling of the trike.  Read this document and it will tell you more than you ever wanted to know. Trike Rake